Dealing with emotions: The ultimate guide. 

Some emotions are good, such as happiness and love. Other emotions are bad, such as sadness and anger. It is important to deal with our emotions in a healthy way to avoid causing problems in our lives.
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Welcome to your course on dealing with emotions;

Dealing with emotions can be difficult and there are many ways to do it.

This course will help you learn tips for managing your emotions that can affect your day-to-day life.

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Understanding your emotions. 

How to deal with emotions

Understanding the importance of not bottling up emotions.

Knowing When to seek help. 

Course Curriculum

Dealing with Emotions: The Ultimate Guide - Introduction
  • Dealing with Emotions: The Ultimate Guide
Unit 1
  • What are Emotions?
Unit 2
  • Bottling Up Emotions
Unit 3
  • Dealing With Emotions
Mid-Term Assessment
  • Mid-Term
Unit 4
  • Seeking Help
Unit 5
  • Self Care
Final Assessment
  • Final Exam

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USD 997/-   USD 297/-
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