Disability Awareness   

To experience true diversity in the workplace, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the abundance of knowledge and talents that people with disabilities may bring to their company.

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Welcome To Disability Awareness Course;

Employers are giving recruiting and retaining people with disabilities serious consideration as a result of diversity advocates and a dwindling labor pool. The skills and advice provided in this course will help managers, consultants in human resources, and supervisors create a diverse workplace.

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How to welcome people with disabilities into your workplace.

How to interact with people with disabilities.

How to Identify and overcome barriers in the workplace.

How to Use respectful, appropriate, and acceptable language in any circumstance.

Course Curriculum

  • Disability Awareness
Unit 1- Disability Awareness
  • Introduction to Disability Awareness
Unit 2- Disability Awareness
Unit 3- Disability Awareness
Mid-Term Assessment
  • Mid-Term Exam
Unit 4- Disability Awareness
Unit 5- Disability Awareness
Unit 6 - Disability Awareness
Final Assessment
  • Final Exam

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USD 997/-   USD 297/-
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