Introduction to Behavior Management 

Understand the basic principles in Behavior modification Learn how to identify, assess, and correct behavior problems.

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Welcome To your behavior management course;

This management style attempts to assist professionals in supervising  and guiding behavior management in people and groups toward gratifying productive, and  socially acceptable behaviors.

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What You’ll Learn

The key principles in Behavior management. 

How to manage your environment. 

Techniques of Behavior Management 

Crisis Response and Management. 

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Behavior Management
Unit 1
  • What is Behavior?
Unit 2
  • Management the Environment
Unit 3
  • Techniques
Unit 4
  • Crisis Response And Management
Midterm assessment
  • midterm
Unit 5
  • Conflict Resolution
Unit 6
  • Challenging Behaviour
Final assessment
  • final

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USD 997/- USD 297/-
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